My name is Soeine. I am a performance artist based in Vancouver, Canada. I devote most of my time to dance, exploring the value and function of movement in art. I practice Buddhist drumming at The Dharma Drum Vancouver Center (DDVC), and aikido at Vancouver West Aikikai. I explore how, through arts, we can connect to ourselves, to each other, and to the world around us. 

I initially studied literature, before studying art. I consider poetry as the highest form of human endeavour, and I pursue poetic qualities in my artwork.  

I have been attempting to extend art as a form of living, beyond a merely institutional discipline. Since life itself is improvised, improvisation has become my general method and conceptual ground. In this sense, improvisation has become my artistic medium. Some of my thoughts on improvisation are found here.

My art practice is interdisciplinary in essence. Dancing has influenced the way I make art; I tend to pursue abstraction rather than representation. Conversely, my visual art background shapes the way I understand dance; I interpret body movements in the contexts of visual art practice. In addition, I have been interested in sound art in recent years. I have tried to merge visual art, sound art, and dance in a form of site-specific performance.

Working with the body brings me close to the materiality of things and makes me aware of its constant change, which frustrates our human desire for permanence. I contemplate the material itself to witness its process of change. This contemplation allows me to improvise my reception of the objects at the given time and in the given space. I have deep reverence for the fragility of life.