The movements of objects give me an honest feeling of meditating on the present. I often find comfort in their repetitive, mechanical – yet unpredictable – movements. Ironically, things have to constantly move and change, aiming for equilibrium. Staying still or stopping is only our illusion or our desire.

I concentrate on the movement that is governed by weight. Things are subject to the same gravitational field, but they make different amounts of movement depending on their individual weights and shapes. This difference interests me. I remember Arvo Pärt said that all grasses have different weights but carry the same significance, referring to musical notes. I suppose I am after different movements with the same significance.

Why Lightness – Installation, 2015 – thread, wire, bird feather, chestnut, and tree branch (210cm x 120cm x 75cm)

Interrupted Fall – Installation, 2015 – thread, pine tree needle, and tree branch (85cm x 150cm x 20cm)