People are the most precious things we can encounter, Seoul 2015

Performance with installations – Direction & Performance by Soeine Bac & Xin Cheng, 20 Nov. 2015 at SeMA Nanji in Seoul, South Korea

The artwork was a combination of movement performance and soundscape, with an installation made of materials gleaned from the street. Xin Chen created the installation, and the performance was directed and performed by Xin Chen and me.

Xin Chen and I shared similar concerns about the current state of contemporary art, and bringing art to life. We were much concerned with the institutionalized art forms of contemporary art, which created so much waste merely to sustain the status quo of art without actually bringing any valuable experience to the audience. My friend was interested in ordinary people’s creative uses of so-called abandoned and useless materials from the Western point of view. The improvised performance was well-suited to the random things she collected from the streets. As an in-situ work, we focused on how to work with those objects in the echo chamber where the performance was held.